Gremmelspacher Bürkli Biaggi Wiprächtiger

Advokatur Gremmelspacher Bürkli Biaggi Wiprächtiger

Dr. Hans Wiprächtiger

Dr. Hans Wiprächtiger, Attorney at Law, former federal judge

Attorney at Law, Dr. iur. h.c., born 1943, admitted to bar and licensed as notary, Lucerne 1970, federal judge 1989-2011

Areas of specialization

Criminal law and criminal procedural law
Traffic law
Civil law
Employment law
Family law
Educational law


Dr. iur. h.c., University of Fribourg (2004)
lic. iur., University of Zurich (1967)


German, English, French

Other positions (selection)

Researcher, Department of Justice, Lucerne (1970-1973)
Member of Cantonal Parliament, Lucerne (1975-1981, 1979-1981 parliamentary group president)
Clerk of Cantonal Supreme Court, Lucerne (1975-1978)
District Judge, Lucerne (1975-1978)
Appellate Judge, Lucerne (1981-1990)
Federal military cassation judge (1978-1991)
President of the Federal Office for Conciliation in Labor Disputes (1980-1990)
Member of the Criminal Statistics Expert Commission (1995-2008, President from 1998-2008)
Board member of Criminology Working Group (1992-2008, President 1996-2003)
Board member of Swiss Judges’ Association (2000-2004)


Various publications, including co-editor of Basel Commentaries on Criminal Law I and II as well as Criminal Procedural Law; also Basel Commentary on the Federal Supreme Court Act

As of 1993, active lecturer, including at various universities (including instructor at University of Freiburg).

2002 training of Ukrainian judges (“What does judicial independence mean?”) on assignment by DEZA (the Swiss Office of Development and Cooperation) in Lwow and Odessa